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The Development of Atmospheric General Circulation Models
Complexity, Synthesis and Computation

book Leo Donner, Wayne Schubert, Richard Somerville. Cambridge University Press, 2010, 288pp.
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Presenting a comprehensive discussion of general circulation models of the atmosphere, this book covers their historical and contemporary development, their societal context, and current efforts to integrate these models into wider earth-system models. Leading researchers provide unique perspectives on the scientific breakthroughs, overarching themes, critical applications, and future prospects for atmospheric general circulation models. Key interdisciplinary links to other subject areas such as chemistry, oceanography and ecology are also highlighted. This book is a core reference for academic researchers and professionals involved in atmospheric physics, meteorology and climate science, and can be used as a resource for graduate-level courses in climate modeling and numerical weather prediction. Given the critical role that atmospheric general circulation models are playing in the intense public discourse on climate change, it is also a valuable resource for policy makers and all those concerned with the scientific basis for the ongoing public-policy debate.

Foreword: Isaac Held
  1. Introduction: Leo Donner, Wayne Schubert and Richard Somerville
  2. From Richardson to early numerical weather prediction: Peter Lynch
  3. The evolution and future research goals for general circulation models: Warren Washington and Akira Kasahara
  4. Beyond prediction to climate modeling and climate control: new perspectives from the papers of Harry Wexler, 1945–1962: James Fleming
  5. Synergies between numerical weather prediction and general circulation climate models: Catherine A. Senior, A. Arribas, A. R. Brown, M. Cullen, T. C. Johns, G. M. Martin, S. F. Milton, D. M. Smith, K. D. Williams and S. Webster
  6. Contributions of observational studies to the evaluation and diagnosis of atmospheric GCM simulations: Ngar-Cheung Lau
  7. Coupling atmospheric general circulation to oceans: Kirk Bryan
  8. Coupling atmospheric circulation models to bio-physical, bio-chemical, and biological processes at the land surface: Robert E. Dickinson
  9. The evolution of complexity in general circulation models: Dave Randall
  10. The co-evolution of climate models and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: Richard Somerville
Isaac Held, Leo Donner, Wayne Schubert, Richard Somerville, Peter Lynch, Warren Washington, Akira Kasahara, James Fleming, Catherine A. Senior, A. Arribas, A. R. Brown, M. Cullen, T. C. Johns, G. M. Martin, S. F. Milton, D. M. Smith, K. D. Williams, S. Webster, Ngar-Cheung Lau, Kirk Bryan, Robert E. Dickinson, Dave Randall

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