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Alice Duvivier gets a kick out of reading, cooking, traveling, biking, hiking, climbing, and backpacking. She is a physics major at Colorado College and was a summer 2008 intern at CMMAP at Colorado State University.

Alice grew up in Boulder, Colorado and went on family hikes every weekend. She loved biking, climbing, and backpacking. She attended Boulder High School and flourished in science classes.

In college, Alice ran a club that taught primary and secondary students about science and was proud that they taught students a wide range of topics. She knew that she wanted a career in science. After contemplating becoming a doctor, she found that she didn't enjoy working in the hospital. Alice is unsure of what she will do in the future, but is still exploring different science related careers. She is considering jobs in the earth science and education fields.

At CSU, Alice worked on a research project with her fellow intern Jette Petersen. They worked on a new numerical approximation for mathematical operators necessary in climate modeling. They are improving technology used in climate modeling to make it more efficient and accurate. Alice finds CMMAP pleasant and inviting. "I enjoyed working with such a supportive and encouraging group. It helped me understand my project better and made me feel like my work was going to be helpful to the overall climate modeling process."

Alice's future plans include a year off while applying for graduate school, getting a dog, and spending time researching. She will decide what specific type of research she is interested in after attending graduate school.

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