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Claudette Ojo has a passion for listening to music, playing the violin, the arts, and community outreach work. She is a business major at Hampton University and twice an intern at CMMAP (2007/2008). In 2007, she was a large-scale atmospheric dynamics intern with faculty mentor David Thompson at Colorado State University. She worked on the Tropical Ozonesonde Dataset for Satellite Validation, Processing and Modeling looking at the spatial and temporal relationships between ozone and temperature as a function of height in the tropics.

Claudette grew up in New York. She was engulfed in music, visual arts, and dance. She attended a performing arts junior high and a performing arts high school. She also excelled in her science classes.

Claudette started investigating different college majors and career options in high school. She declared a business major at Hampton University because it was versatile and was associated with many career opportunities.

Claudette is active in volunteer work. Most recently, she was on a team of students from Hampton University who volunteered in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Some of their efforts included housing cleanup and educational outreach.

Becoming a CMMAP intern was a proud accomplishment for Claudette. She has never been this far away from home without knowing anyone. She had other opportunities in New York, but chose to take this one and to leave her comfort zone. Claudette's 2008 internship involved working with Climate Wise, an organization that helps the private sector voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions. She interviewed companies to learn about the progress they are making and how they view Climate Wise. She ultimately helped Climate Wise to create partner profiles online. These profiles will serve as a network of clients to be used for examples of how to achieve success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Claudette plans to attend graduate school. She is considering a degree in atmospheric science, environmental policy, or environmental health. Her goal is to be happy. After all, she believes that being happy and being successful are the same.

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