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Daniel Rothenberg joined the CMMAP internship program from Cornell University where he is a junior in atmospheric science. He worked with Professor David Randall and research scientist Ross Heikes modifying a baroclinic instability test case to test a climate model dynamical core.

Because the hydrostatic assumption made in formulating the typical quasi-static system of equations tends to distort small-scale motions such as turbulence and convection, it is desirable in some applications to utilize a non-hydrostatic system of equations. The anelastic system - one designed to filter sound waves without invoking hydrostatic balance - was utilized at Colorado State University to develop a dynamical core based on a geodesic grid. To test this dynamical core, the baroclinic instability test case designed by Jablonowski and Williamson (2006) was modified for use in the anelastic sytem and performed here.

During Daniel's perturbation version of the test, errors associated with grid seams developed and caused the expected baroclinic wave to distort and break prematurely. Similarly, an error with wavenumber 5 developed in the mid-latitudes during the steady state version of the test, suggesting this error is associated with the underlying model grid. Using an optimized grid reduced this error but did not eliminate it. Daniel said that results indicate that further work is necessary to refine and improve the anelastic dynamical core used here. Daniel's research poster is here: A Baroclinic Instability Test Case on an Anelastic Dynamical Core, 13MB PDF)

Daniel's research interests include climate modeling and climate dynamics, specifically, in helping develop the next generation of climate models that will allow us to run higher resolution simulations and include more environmental processes.

Outside of his studies, Daniel is a violinist for the Cornell Symphony Orchestra & chamber ensembles. His other hobbies include music, acoustic finger-style guitar, managing an indie rock band called Weggalo Star, skiing, backpacking, relaxing with friends, the show LOST, programming projects.

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