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Catie DeMets joined us from Lawrence University. She came as a junior studying Geology with a minor in Environmental Studies. Her summer at CMMAP was spent working with the Fort Collins ClimateWise program looking at barriers that businesses have in locally sourcing their food. Her advisor was Professor Michele Betsil.

The goal of Catie's work was to provide restaurants and other businesses with a list of specific solutions to successfully overcome barriers to local food sourcing. She interviewed resturant owners or managers and a food distribution company and then made a comparison with literature to identify similarities and differences between restaurants in Fort Collins, CO and other areas.

Catie found that allthough there appears to be a lack of personal incentive in some cases, certain barriers and solutions to them indicate a level of success towards local food sourcing, especially in Fort Collins.

Future work includes talking to farmers, engaging schools in discussion of local sourcing, educating the community on the benefits and researching ways to engate other businesses in local sourcing such as employee farm volunteer days.

Catie's summer research poster, "Closing the Loop": Overcoming Barriers to Locally Sourcing Food in Fort Collins, Colorado, is here.

Catie is from Verona, WI. She is interested in climate policy, land policy and water. In her spare time, she enjoys running, backpacking, hiking, biking and playing the trumpet.

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