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Emily Fish and Shannon Thomas worked together on a project with Dr Michele Betsill from the CSU Political Science department who is an expert on the politics of global climate change. They investigated the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) which is an innovative tool for assessing the environmental impacts associated with a product's life cycle. Their research explored the basic principles of LCA and delved deeper into four product groups:
  • coffee production
  • expanded polystyrene alternatives
  • tissue and handkerchief use
  • computer replacement
After compiling information from previous LCAs and evaluating each life cycle, Emily and Shannon presented their findings to Fort Collins, Colorado ClimateWise business partners in an effort to educate and engage the community and encourage businesses and individuals to make informed and conscious decisions in daily consumption.

The interns' research poster, may be found here.

Shannon and Emily both attend or attended Colorado College as Environmental Science majors where Emily is a senior and Shannon has just graduated.

Shannon's hometown is Colorado Springs. Her research interests include mitigation efforts currently in practice for climate change, atmospheric brown clouds and carbon sequestration storage. She enjoys rock climbing, biking, hiking and playing the piano and ukulele.

Emily is from Nashville, TN where she also enjoys the great outdoors and music including backpacking, rock climbing, running, playing fiddle and singing. Her research interests include regional and global climate change, climate policy, computer modeling, outreach and education, and women's roles in the sciences.

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