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Noel Hilliard came to us as a junior from Mount Saint mary's University in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Her major there is Chemistry which helped pique her interest in the wet deposition of nitrogen in Rocky Mountain National Park and how it gets there. Her advisor at CMMAP was Jeff Collett and graduate student mentor was Katie Benedict.

Upslope wind events along the Front Range of Colorado are able to transport nitrogen from sources on the Colorado plains and urban centers into the high elevations of Rocky Mountain National Park where low levels of nitrogen in the soil are the norm. Wet deposition involves the scavenging of aerosol particles by water droplets which can occur during precipitation events.

Noel's research objectives were to determine when precipitation, deposition, and upslope wind events were most likely to occur together and to understand how NH4+ and NO3- were transported into the park by using the HYSPLIT model. She also sought to compare the HYSPLIT model with vector wind maps and surface maps for consistency.

Noel's research produced a number of conclusions available on her poster, Upslope Wind Events and Wet Deposition of Nitrogen in Rocky Mountain National Park. These include the findings that precipitation, nitrogen deposition and upslope winds, more prevalent in summer than winter, are all interrelated and that often more precipitation results in greater deposition.

Noel is from Windsor Mill, MD. She enjoys reading, watching TV, shopping, listening to music, weather watching, going to the movies and riding roller coasters. Her research interests include atmospheric chemistry, cloud chemistry and severe weather.

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