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Josh came to CMMAP as a senior at Colorado College studying Environmental Science with a minor in Physics. He spent his summer working with CMMAP Science and Diversity Director, Scott Denning, and CMMAP's Knowledge Transfer Manager, Rodger Ames to create a game.

Josh learned Apple's iOS operating system and development base to create and develop a game for the Apple iPad called Climate Chaos. Climate Chaos was written to enhance climate change education, particularly in the young sector of the population. Josh used four educational prinicples while developing the game: Engaging (capture the student's attention), Relevant (connect to the student's world), Fun (make it so the student wants to play), and Accurate (teach the student accurate material).

In the game, people use Earth's natural resources to survive. Anthropogenic sources of CO2 are introduced. Increased CO2 impacts the climate in predictable ways. Climate events happen as a result and include an increase in severe weather, warming, drying, flooding and other events that are linked to climate change. The game player can control what they build to produce money, energy, food and water and are able to trade with other nations.

Josh's summer research poster, CLIMATE CHAOS : An iPad Application to Enhance Climate Change Education, may be downloaded here.

Josh's hometown is Denver, CO. He is interested in boundary layer microclimates, carbon cycling, and regional and global climate change. He enjoys skiing, backpacking, ultimate frisbee and travelling.

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