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Dan Miller came to CMMAP as a senior at The Ohio State University. He is a double major in Atmospheric Science and Economics with a minor in Mathematics. Dan worked with the Fort Collins ClimateWise program and mentor Professor Michele Betsill to find how Fort Collins is helping local businesses lower their energy costs along with their greenhouse gas emissions.

Dan analyzed a set of assessments given by the ClimateWise program from 2008-2010 to 101 business partners. Dan then constructed and populated a database with the energy recommendations that businesses received (as opposed to water, solid waste and transportation recommendations). He examined yearly reports from the selected businesses, and the projects reported were compared to the recommendations given to each business.

Dan found that out of all the recommendations given by ClimateWise, Indoor Lighting is the most frequently implemented recommendation, with an implementation frequency of over 60%. For Indoor Lighting, a majority of businesses implement more than one project (over 39%), while for Power Management most businesses do not implement projects, and 75% of those businesses that do implement this recommendation only do one project. Furthermore, some recommendations given, such as REBATE and SPHEAT, are rarely implemented.

Dan's research poster, The Path to Green Energy: Fort Collins' efforts to help businesses lower energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, is available here.

Dan is from Newark, Ohio, where he enjoys running, swimming and basically anything to do with sports and the outdoors. His research interests include climate change, climate policy and the economic impacts of weather and climate change.

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