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Rachel Sussman is from Claremont, California and is a senior majoring in Environmental Science at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

Rachel writes about her summer research here:
"We are surrounded by air and it is clearly essential to life. It is puzzling, then, that we understand so little about what we are breathing. The size, concentration, and chemical species of particles in the air tell a story about where they came from and how they will impact human and environmental health.

"In my summer work, I ran and analyzed samples in order to determine such traits about aerosols from two sites in and around Rocky Mountain National Park in both the spring and the summer. This will help us characterize the chemical makeup of air in the park and further the general understanding of aerosol chemistry and formation mechanisms. "

Rachel's summer research poster is here, Size Resolved Aerosol Composition near Rocky Mountain National Park.

Rachel's free time includes traveling, hiking and "admiring dogs from afar"!

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