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Tyler Ruggles lives for the great outdoors. He enjoys mountain biking, road biking, hiking, and skiing. He also had a blast as a summer 2008 intern at CMMAP at Colorado State University.

Tyler is from Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up, he relished hiking, mountain biking, and skiing. He played lacrosse throughout middle and high school. He took many science classes in middle school and enjoyed all of them. In high school, he took AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Biology, and Geology.

Tyler continued to investigate his interest in science in college. He took several physics, geology, and environmental science courses, but classes were only part of his career exploration. After his freshman year, he took a physics internship at Clemson University. He didn't feel that it was the right fit for him, so he took a mechanical engineering internship at the University of Minnesota after his sophomore year. During the fall semester of his junior year, Tyler studied abroad in Japan and took environmental science classes. His desire for a career directly involved with people and his newfound interest in environmental science and environmental policy are what brought him to CMMAP.

In 1999, Fort Collins, Colorado tried to join Mayors for Climate Change. Fort Collins never had a large, cohesive, publicized plan to encourage residents to voluntarily conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Tyler's research project involved creating a plan for Fort Collins by researching twelve cities considered to be leaders in the Mayors for Climate Change organization. He interviewed officials from these cities to see what their suggestions were, to find out what has worked in these cities, and to get advice on publicizing efforts.

Tyler plans to take a year off before attending graduate school. He is not sure what career he will pursue in the future. He wants to try being a member of a city climate committee. He believes that it could be enjoyable, rewarding and empowering. He is also interested in careers in education. He is considering a masters degree in law to become a practicing lawyer or to join a think tank on environmental policy.

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