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Zoe Keve lives life to the fullest. Hiking, rafting, traveling, going to concerts, singing with friends, reading, playing ice hockey, playing intramural sports, sailing, cycling, running, and snowboarding are just a few of her numerous hobbies. She kept busy as a summer 2008 intern for CMMAP at Colorado State University as well.

Zoe grew up near Burlington, Vermont not far from a lake. She enjoyed camping, canoeing, and hiking in her spare time. She was highly involved in sports at school and never allowed an exciting opportunity to pass her by. She went to a boarding school in Massachusetts during high school and excelled in history and science.

Zoe recently completed her junior year at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has not decided what career she would like to pursue, but she has known since high school that she wants to help people and improve the world she lives in. She has contemplated joining the Peace Corps, educating people on adequate healthcare practices, or participating in grassroots community work regarding environmental policy or sustainable business.

As part of her internship, Zoe worked at the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL). NCSL provides legislators with bipartisan information on a variety of issues. They also reply to information requests from he general public about how certain legislative issues affect specific groups or individuals.

Zoe researched biofuels, specifically ethanol, biodiesel, and biomass. She constructed a booklet for NCSL and legislators about the sources/types of biofuel and the issues that surround them. Part of her research involved seeking out sources of biofuel based upon region without taking away from food production. She also studied the differences between global and local carbon dioxide control using biofuel. She had to take a bipartisan stance on all aspects of her research and consider policy options surrounding biofuel. While she completed her research project, Zoe took the opportunity to learn about the emerging technology for biofuel production.

Zoe has many future plans. This fall, Zoe is traveling to Africa. She will live in the Serengeti for the first part of her trip, then move to Dar Es Salaam to stay with a host family. She will write her senior thesis and graduate from Colorado College. It is important to her to gain life experience before attending graduate school. When she does attend graduate school, she is considering studying business or environmental law. She wishes to lead by example by consuming less and by growing her own food someday.

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