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Program Helps & Classroom Ideas

Also look at our Links and Resources pages in the CMMAP Learn About pages.

Colorado Global Climate Conference (CGCC) &
Front Range Teen Science Cafés

2013 marked the end of our Colorado Global Climate Conferences and 2014 marked the beginning of our new Front Range Teen Science Cafés. Please visit the links to these two great programs.

Climate Change: Simple, Serious, Solvable
A 60 minute presentation by CMMAP Science and Education Directory Scott Denning given October 29, 2012 at the Colorado Global Climate Conference for high school students and their teachers. In Windows Media format.

Teaching Weather and Climate
Our premier courses for science teachers. These yearly courses are offered in the summer. Information on the next course and resources from past courses can be found here.

NSTA - CMMAP Webinars
The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) has hosted a series of webinars led by CMMAP scientists for secondary science teachers.

Ten Things You Should Know About the Atmosphere
Hands-on investigations from CMMAP and Colorado State University's Little Shop of Physics.
Here is the Website containing Materials from the 2006-2007 teacher workshops.

Support and Resources for Teachers
A printable PDF brochure (7MB) with information to help teachers and students reach for the sky. Download to learn more about about CMMAP science education resources and activities.

teachers1 Art and Culture in Clouds, Weather and Climate
A great site brought to us by the folks at Windows to the Universe for teachers and parents.

Teacher Links from the Community Learning Network
These pages provide links to global warming/climate change information including curricular resources, hands on experiments, instructional materials
and lesson plans for elementary through high school levels.

Environmental Protection Agency's Climate Change Pages
This excellent web site provides information on climate change, wildlife, and wildlands. It includes downloadable and free, interpretive kits which include a video, trail cards, global warming wheel card, and a CD-ROM, which contains fact sheets, brochures that can be ordered, case studies, sample trail talk outlines, visual aids, and a number of interactive activities. The tools are geared toward people of all ages to serve the needs of the diverse groups that visit parks and refuges.
Here's their site for kids.

Some Books Teaching Clouds, Climate & Weather
  • Weather Wizard's Cloud Book : More than 120 full-color cloud photographs are used with a simple interpretation system so that you can predict local weather events. Grades 5-12.
  • Cloud Chart : Each of the 35 cloud photos is labeled and includes a description of the corresponding weather. Grades K-12
  • Weather Coloring Books available at this link. The National Severe Storms Laboratory offers these plus a comprehensive list of teacher resources, ideas for using weather and tornadoes in math and science, weather lessons, and severe weather questions and answers, career information.

Current Workshops & Conferences

Changing Climates / 100 Views of Climate Change
Whether you're a teacher, a student, or just an interested citizen, you'll find useful materials here in the form of videos, books, articles and links to websites on climate change issues. Changing Climates / 100 Views of Climate Change website

Past Events, Workshops & Conferences
... may be found here


Opportunities For Your Students

There are many opportunties available to students of all ages.
  • Front Range Teen Science Cafés for secondary students
  • Find more opportunities
    • in the EVENTS section of the Science and Education website
    • here on the page for teachers
    • in the "FOR STUDENTS" section on the left sidebar of this page