Institute Director David A. Randall
Education and Diversity Manager Melissa Burt
Computing Support Kelley Branson

Vice President for Research The Office of the Vice President for Research has overall responsibility for facilitating the research enterprise at Colorado State University.
CSU College of Engineering The College of Engineering seeks to serve society by educating students, solving problems of global importance, and contributing to national and international economic development.
CSU Atmospheric Science Founded in 1962, the top-rated Department of Atmospheric Science focuses on graduate education, cutting-edge research, and public service with 18 faculty members, nearly one hundred graduate students, approximately 50 full-time researchers, and an outstanding and dedicated support staff.
Little Shop of Physics With a focus on students from "K to grey", Little Shop teaches that science is something anyone can do. It is a hands-on program at Colorado State University that runs events all over the world.
SoGES The School of Global Environmental Sustainability is an umbrella organization at Colorado State University encompassing all research and education that deals with the complex environmental, economic, and societal issues of sustainability.
CSU Ecology Since its inception in 1992, the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology has grown to become a principal organization that catalyzes cutting-edge and world-renowned ecological research performed at Colorado State University.
Reach Reach is a nonprofit organization that supports science education. Their focus is on raising awareness and educating the public about climate science. Reach is based in Fort Collins, Colorado.
100 Views of Climate Change Whether you're a college teacher, a student, an interested citizen, or a researcher, you'll find useful materials here in the form of short and long videos, notes about good books and articles, and links to key websites. We offer clear, current, high-quality information about climate change‒on ethics and atmospheric science, economics and agriculture, literature and ecology, policy and refugees, and more.
Windows To The Universe Windows to the Universe, "your portal to discovery", contains a wealth of information to learn about the Earth and Space sciences and related topics in the humanities including mythology, art, poetry and more. The website, originally developed at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), has sections for all topics for beginner, intermediate and advanced understanding.

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