Radha Dutta will be a junior at University of Massachusetts - Amherst studying applied mathematics. Her research interests include atmospheric dynamics, climate modeling, and fluid dynamics.

"This summer, I worked with Professor David Randall and research scientist Mark Branson examining the predictability of precipitation on a global scale. We looked at precipitation data simulated by a community atmosphere model for the months of January and July. The main questions I sought to answer were when and where unpredictable rainfall occurred, and what factors were correlated with it. Lastly, I looked to detect chaos in time series of precipitation, though that was inconclusive.

"I found that the Tropics had the most unpredictable rainfall while North America had more rainfall predictability in January than in July. And secondly, the Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) was a strong predictor of unpredictable rainfall. I'm looking forward to continuing this research in the future." Radha presented her poster, Global Predictability of Daily Rainfall, at the CMMAP team meeting.

Radha's hometown is Worcester, Massachusetts. Her hobbies include playing the guitar, creating things in Photoshop, programming, and spending time with others.

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