Justin Baldizón Stark Examining Intensity Trends during Extratropical Transition
Rachel Cucinotta Changes in Aerosol Optical Depth and PM2.5 Concentrations due to Open Domestic Waste Burning
Radha Dutta Global Predictability of Daily Rainfall
Ryan Gonzalez Evolution of Extreme Precipitation: A Satellite Based Investigation
Makoto Kelp Evaluating the Potential Importance of Monoterpene Degradation for Global Acetone Production
Kyle Nardi The Climatology and Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers near the Coast of Southern Alaska
Katie Rocci Characterization of Ice Nucleating Particles at the Western US Coast
Emily Rosenthal A Comparison of Cloud and Aerosol Measurements from OCO-2 and CALIPSO
Rachel Sussman Size Resolved Aerosol Composition near Rocky Mountain National Park

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