We are excited to offer our Fires, Floods, and Resilience course July 16-18, 2018. The course will be held on the Foothills Campus of Colorado State University.

Registration for the summer 2018 course is now closed.

Weather, climate, and climate change are important topics in today's society. This course is open to anyone interested in gaining more knowledge and a better understanding of how our climate works. The course is designed to challenge and inform, and will be very engaging and interactive.

ESMEI offers it's Weather and Climate Enrichment Series classes during a week in the summer. The intent of the courses is to provide college-level content on the physics of the atmosphere, weather, climate, climate change, and climate modeling as well as demonstrate activities for use in the classroom. The courses are taught using the method of the Five E's, each describing a phase of learning (engage, explore, explain, extend, and evaluate).

Participants receive one graduate course credit at CSU.
More information on these courses may be found on the new series website here.

For information about the Weather and Climate Enrichment Series, kindly contact Melissa Burt.
(970) 491 8706

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