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Theme Leader : Wayne Schubert

CMMAP undertook two publishing projects that we hope significantly enhanced scientific communication in
our field: the creation of a new and unique online technical journal devoted to global modeling, and the production of
an edited book on the history of global climate modeling, including transcripts of interviews with the key

The book on the history of global atmospheric modeling captures the stories of the pioneers of
atmospheric general circulation modeling, including those involved with early work on cloud parameterization.

The journal, titled Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems (JAMES), is an all-electronic,
open access, peer-reviewed journal serving the global modeling community. JAMES publishes research related
to a wide range of problems in climate science, including atmospheric and oceanic flows on multiple
scales, radiation, cloud physics, boundary layer and land surface processes, the biosphere and cryosphere, biogeochemical
cycles, and the development of numerical methods for climate science. The journal also informs a
wider non-specialist audience interested in climate science through a section for science educators, decision makers,
and the informed public.


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