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Working Groups

Link to CMMAP themes from years 1-5


Education, Outreach and Diversity

Knowledge Transfer



The research objectives follow the above working groups as seen from this chart.
  • 1 Further development of global models with diverse representations of cloud processes
  • 2 Further development and testing of improved parameterizations of microphysics, turbulence and radiation
  • 3 Application of CMMAP models to study multiscale interactions of the atmosphere and land surface
  • 4 Application of CMMAP models to study the coupled climate system
  • 5 Analysis of cloud-related feedbacks on climate change
  • 6 Management, analysis and visualization of very large model output datasets -- creation of infrastructure


  • 1 Enhance K-12 science education
  • 2 Improve undergraduate climate education
  • 3 Train the next generation of climate scientists
  • 4 Engage the larger culture regarding climate


  • 1 Recruit and support undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented groups
  • 2 Implement programs that encourage retention of women, minorities and the underrepresented in the science pipeline
  • 3 Understand historical ethnic underrepresentation in climate science
  • 4 Engage diverse communities in conversations about climate

Knowledge Transfer

  • 1 Collaborate with CCSM on climate change simulations
  • 2 Collaborations on global atmospheric model development
  • 3 Create a national training resource for global modelers
  • 4 Complete the launch of REACH - our nonprofit corporation