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Knowledge-Transfer to Climate Modeling and NWP Centers

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Working Group Leader : William Collins

CMMAP will work with our research partners to transfer CMMAP research results and technologies into our
national atmosphere modeling "infrastructure", for both climate simulation and weather prediction. The Center's strategic
objectives for this theme are:
  • to provide climate modeling centers improved tools for the simulation of global cloudiness, as
    well as innovative tools for the analysis of such simulations;

  • to provide improved cloud parameterizations to numerical weather prediction centers;

  • to create and maintain a website containing a section to make CMMAP results easily available to the
    scientific community and a section designed to increase public understanding of issues in global modeling.
Any topics germane to this theme are appropriate for this discussion. Below is a list of action items and
recommendations from previous CMMAP meetings related to this theme:
  • Evaluation of the MMF-enabled SuperCAM model using the DOE CCPP-ARM Parameterization Testbed (CAPT);
  • Implementation of MMF technique in an existing NWP system;
  • Comparisons of high-resolution simulations to equivalent simulations carried out at coarse
    resolution with MMF embed as the parameterization (Big Brother experiments);
  • Efforts to feed radiation, microphysics, and turbulence representations developed for CMMAP
    CSRMs into NWP model development;
  • Efforts within the CCSM Working Groups to transfer to the CCSM the fruits of CMMAP's research;
  • Assimilation of observed statistics characterizing the mesoscale and microscale spatial
    structures of cloud fields;
  • Efforts to foster feedback from centers to CMMAP on implications of advanced parameterizations
    for climate feedbacks, simulations of past/present/future climate;
  • Efforts to develop and support student and post-doctoral researcher exchanges between CMMAP
    and climate and NWP centers;
  • Development of a student resource page on the CMMAP website.


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